As developmental psychologist Rachel Keens notes, Parents and teachers “need to design environments that encourage and enhance problem solving from a young age” (Keen, 2011)*; therefore, at Al Ghadeer Nursery children are supplied with materials for – Covergent play – with puzzles for example, for which there is only one correct solution – Divergent play- with chunky and block like foam shapes, which can be assorted in a variety of ways.

These types of play encourage problem solving on different levels, and children are encouraged to take part in cooperative construction which has proven to create friendlier and more socially-savvy children. Blocks and construction materials are provided in the natural wood state to encourage interaction with nature. These different materials encourage the development of the senses and introduce children to the essentials of mathematical problem solving and the essentials of social interaction, indirectly preparing children for further learning.

*Keen R. (2011). The development of problem solving in young children: a critical cognitive skill. Annu Rev Psychol.62:1-21